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Being able to play a musical instrument brilliantly is easier than you think with Mobile Music. Get music lessons in Berwyn, PA, from the musical instructors who love what they do. Get music right at your doorstep and contact us today for a free trial lesson to learn why our students love their teachers!

"Before Mobile Music, my daughter was too scared to perform in front of a large audience. Now, she looks forward to the fun and varied recital opportunities that Mobile Music offers!" - Beth

"Before Mobile Music, my children did not show any passion for music. Since starting piano lessons with Mobile Music, they have developed a true love for creating music on their own. I love hearing them play songs from memory that they just simply like to play, or practice a song that's not even part of their lesson." - Valerie

Our Musical Story

We customize our music lessons to complement your interests! Become the player you want to be with lessons from our incredible teachers. We make music fun and challenging, and we come to you!

Playing music involves creativity, passion, and expression. Sometimes the best way to unlock your creative side is to take it to new heights with a bit of guidance and a nudge from a talented and passionate music teacher.

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Music Lessons in Berwyn, PA

Mobile Music was founded by Adam Haines, a public school music teacher, who is passionate about making music lessons fun and creative! Adam sought to make music assessable for all, and brings music to your home!

Our curriculum emphasizes creativity and will make you shine. Our students compose their own songs, have opportunities to perform in our three annual shows, and learn from awesome teachers! Enjoy piano lessons or guitar lessons among a vast field of available instruments. We also provide voice lessons for students who want to explore their vocal ranges and polish their singing skills.